Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring a friend? Do you offer guest passes?

A: Yes you can. Yes we do. There is $10 fee for guests. This fee is refundable if they become a full-time member. 

Q: Do you offer a day pass for non-members?

A: Yes we do. There is $15 fee per day. This fee is refundable with a sign-up for a full-time membership. 

Q: Can I freeze my membership?

A: Yes you can, for up to 3 months per year. You would need to speak with an administrator to do so. There is no charge to freeze and un-freeze your membership. 

Q: Can I share my membership?

A: You can not transfer your membership to another individual. However, we do offer couple and family rates. Please inquire at info@justliftfitnessbh.com for more details and we will find the membership that best fits your needs. 

Q: Do you offer family memberships?

A: Yes we do for children ages 13-18. Please inquire at info@justliftfitnessbh.com for more details. Younger children are permitted, but only when accompanied by a personal trainer. 

Q: Do you offer childcare?

A: No, we do not offer childcare. However, children as young as 13 may become a member with parental consent. 

Q: Do you take cash?

A: We only take cash for Just Lift merchandise or cafe items. All memberships must be paid through a credit card account. If there are special circumstances, please inquire with an administrator at info@justliftfitnessbh.com. 

Q: Can you charge cafe items or Just Lift merchandise to my account?

A: Yes, we can charge directly to your credit card, through your Gym Master member portal. 

Q: Do you provide locks?

A: No, we do not provide locks. Members are encouraged to purchase their own locks to protect their personal items. We are not responsible for any stolen or lost personal belongings. We do provide complimentary lockers for daily use.