Who We Are

Our belief at Just Lift is that “Fitness is a Lifestyle”

Michael J Berardino, is the owner/founder of Just Lift Fitness. As a personal trainer he has always been passionate about helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, Whether it was through weight loss, becoming stronger or just overall wellbeing. His belief behind creating this gym is that “Fitness Is A Lifestyle”. He understands that life can be hectic and that its often tough to find time to workout so he wanted to make sure to accommodate all by offering 24/7 access.


Just Lift Fitness will provide our members with an environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable, fun, attractive, clean and safe. The Just Lift Fitness staff will strive to help our members achieve their goals at every level. There is nothing more important than helping someone go through an experience that makes them feel happy confident and strong in an environment that just make you feel good, every time you walk in the door.

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